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Susenji Nana

Susenji Nana

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Susenji Nana is developed after years of clinical experience. It uses 4 whitening essences to combat the threats of skin darkening. It will restore your fair white, soft and young skin inside out, allowing you to obtain flawless skin in a new realm!

Oral essence “Acne Eraser” gives you flawless skin by improving acne scars and preventing new formings. During breakout times, it also helps diminish inflammation and provides post-breakout maintenance.
Smoother and more refined than ever!

Just as simple as consuming one sachet before bedtime, sit back and relax, and it will do its job in no time! A skin brightening and rejuvenation treatment allow you to improve your skin condition and skintone. Extracted with strict high-end technology that maintains high purity of ingredients.

Brightening ability increase up to 168%
Wrinkle resistance increase up to 153%
Whitening ability increase up to 180%


Plant-based! New 2022 improved formula

Yeast ceramide, maqui berry, saberry, grape seed extract, torula yeast, lemon


  • Whiten skin & lighten dark spots
  • Improves skin tone
  • Moisturised & glowing skin
  • Improve large pores
  • Delay ageing
  • Enhance skin elasticity
  • Anti-UV
  • Improve skin complexion
  • Skin firming
  • Repair skin cells
  • Lighten dark spots & pigmentation
  • Reduce wrinkles & fine lines
  • Lighten scars
  • Anti-acne
  • Anti-ageing skin

How To Consume

1. Directly consume 1 sachet daily

Recommended to consume at night

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