Award & Mile Stones

+ 3QQueen was incorporated

+ The first e-commerce team in Malaysia to hold an offline new product launch and a large anniversary celebration (Married into 3Q)
+ Cover person interview by Malaysia’s successful women’s magazine Ai Beauty Magazine
+ Group Travel Award – Bali Honeymoon
+ Winner of the 2017 [Asian Integrity Award]

+ 3QQUEEN Offline Training [The Wolf of E-commerce]
+ Susenji surpasses 100k sales volume, celebration dinner held at The Roof Play Club in Kuala Lumpur
+ 3Q won the International Prestige Award
+ 3Q private yacht club; company organised outing in chartered yacht
+ 3Q X Wei La Manner, Hong Kong Macau Online Celebrity (Wei La) cross-country video collaboration
+ 2nd Anniversary, Thousand attendees Awards Ceremony – 818 Starlight & Orange Mofa New Product Launch
+ 3Q Headquarter opened, implemented a physical storefront
+ Collaboration with Black Whale, the first ever slimming fruit tea at a branch in Malaysia
+ Susenji Gold broadcasted on a major bulletin board in Kuala Lumpur

+ Winner of IEQBA International Quality Brand Award 2019
+ 3Q Korea Fun – company fully funded (food, lodging, airtickets) six days four nights Korea tour
+ 616 New Susenji Gold public launch, invited Hong Kong artist Sara Chow to the launch event
+ 818 Third anniversary, booked Malaysia’s largest nightclub Zouk KL with Malaysia’s top Dj Blink to hype up the party

+ Brand collaboration and live stream exercise class with Influencers Hanpin & Jane Chuck
+ 818 4th Anniversary on Facebook live celebrating: “BFF Festival + New Nana launch”
+ Launched Susenji Mofa slimming cheese drink in collaboration with HICAA; East Malaysia’s milk tea chain stores
+ 3Q generous benefits of Car as a reward, public sharing session with lucky draw

+ 3QQUEEN new resell model and system officially launched
+ Charity candle and anniversary event, together with Great Heart Charity Association for the less fortunate
+ 3Q ‘Epidemic with you’ offline annual reunion celebration
+ New upgraded version of Susenji Mofa+ launched online, highly recommended healthy detoxification product by hundreds of influencers
+ 3QQUEEN 5th Anniversary Alice 818 Grand Lucky Draw Live! Gave away a total of RM70,000 worth of prizes!
+ Susenji Mofa+ won the 2020 [Best Health & Slimming Brand Award]
+ Online launch of our New dark chocolate meal replacement – Susenji Shake
+ 100 people attended our online weight loss camp, gave away up to five figures worth of prizes

+ Susenji Shake, the most preferred meal replacement in Malaysia, wins the 2022 Asia Integrity Award
+ 2022 Weight Loss Camp 2.0, free online boxing class and daily weight loss knowledge sharing by nutritionist
+ 3QQUEEN’s 6th year New Year Celebration: Married to 3Q, featuring Malaysia’s most popular group Dissy
+ Collaboration with HICAA and created a new 2022 beverage [MOFA PLUS with Peach]
+ Partnered with Riooo, a beverage brand chain and launched SUSENJI SHAKE fruit yogurt and SUSENJI MOFA+ with fresh fruits and vegetable beverage